Payment issue asap

I have made a few payment from my monzo to my hsbc …but non of them is reflecting even tho it’s left my account for a few days now

Hi @JadeLYates94

It may be worth you double checking the sort code and account number you used.
After that I’d recommend you contact in app support or . Maybe they will have some more info on this :slight_smile:


Every single time I try using the app support it just keep getting declined :sob:

What do you mean by declined? You can also phone up the number of the back of your card for urgent support. Unfortunately there is limited amount of support that can be provided via the forum however I’ve gone ahead and flagged this post to a member of Monzo.


go ahead and email (it goes to the same team), hopefully you’ll get a satisfactory response. I’ll also see if I can get someone from Monzo to check this thread out :slight_smile:

Check you have the correct HSBC bank details

Contact HSBC


Call the number on the back of your card, it is never engaged and they will answer


@JadeLYates94 Hi Jade - If you are still having issues reaching support it would be good to know this

Emailing is the next best option, but would be good to know if you are experiencing any problems in the app which are preventing you from getting in touch, so we can make sure this isn’t a blocker for you every time you try to get in touch with us in future!


Thank you and I will email them and call the number aswell

Ok I will do