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Is anyone finding that the wait time and and actual efficiency of the In App Team to be very lacklustre and slow at the minute?

I joined Monzo and customer service previously has been brilliant but in the past 6 months, it really feels like everything takes several hours to sort. Even the mainstream banks would of been able to correct what I’m asking of them within a fraction of the time.

I messaged in this morning because I had a duplicate payment from Amazon and wanted the auth codes so I could poke Amazon with a big stick.

I got a reply within 45 minutes which was good enough for a non-time sensitive issue and as well as all the payment details they provided me with all the information I needed to dispute the payment, if it got that far.

We don’t make it easy to identify staff accounts internally - and we get no special treatment with support. The only way somebody would know I worked at Monzo is by scrolling through my transaction history and seeing I get paid by Monzo or recognising my name. With 800+ COps now and because I work on fincrime and not frontline it’s less likely they’d recognise the name.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the response.

There have been times when I’ve had a poor experience myself, but that hasn’t been recently.


I don’t contact support frequently enough to say if they are doing well or not.

The last time I did it was due to being unable to deposit money in my Freetrade account, and I got a response fairly quickly (definitely within the hour) detailing what the specific error was for me to pass on to Freetrade. No complaints from me, that wasn’t an urgent issue.


This comes up all the time because once you got it done in minutes and the next time it took longer and suddenly support is dreadful. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

I’ve had something solved in minutes and some in hours.


Based on my two most recent experiences, I’d say the days of ‘exceptional customer service’ being one of the main reasons I’d use Monzo are long gone, but the service I’ve had has been vaguely reasonable and comparable to other banks.


I think that is part of the problem though - the lack of consistency, resulting in expectations not being met. Either always take hours, or always take under one hour wherever possible.

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It often depends now on what you’re getting in touch about.

If you enter the chat through various points (like from a transaction, or various help articles) you now get routed directly to the relevant team, rather than having to be triaged by frontline.

So if you want to get in touch about a loan, then the lending team might have a longer queue than say fraud.

I don’t know the ins and outs, but if you’re waiting longer than X time, then a task can become available for triage and frontline can pick a task up and at least send a holding response.


I should have added that this is just one of the reasons that people don’t always see the chat button on the help page - if you search for your issue and use a chat button on a help article then you’re likely to get help quicker.

Edit 2:

You’re right about expectations though - I was surprised this morning that I didn’t get a message saying how long the wait time might be. I don’t know whether the complexities of the above mean it’s much harder to do that now, or if it doesn’t show for another reason.


So, there’s a chance you get routed to the right team, wait a long time for a response, then get sent back to the frontline team for triaging? :thinking:

Seems a touch messy tbh, although it does explain the variable wait times. I guess the frontline triaging everything was too expensive?

I totally get that different messages are for different teams with different queues and so on. But why should an average consumer care or need to know? Like you touch on with the second edit, managing expectations is a big thing and an easy win IMO :+1:

I 100% agree. Taking today as an example, I need to make a large payment so at around 7.30am let them know via the chat. The first reply I got was at 11.30 to confirm the details of the transfer, and then was told someone else would be increasing my limits. After constant chasers, and trying to get through to them on the phone it was finally done at 2.30pm.

In all, can’t believe it took 7 hours to get this done, it really does seem the initial principles of Monzo of trying to be different from all the other banks have gone out of the window. The same request with legacy banks can be done with a quick call to them

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