✨ Spring cleaning: making it easier to manage your account & see Pots payments

Yeah, that’s our mistake. We were so eager to show you the cool new stuff that we forgot how to add up :joy: :man_facepalming:


+1 on the can I have this rolled out to me today request….


Great update, nice one team.

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You should do a signup form again for early access requests :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably, but pot to pot transfers was being worked on so maybe not :man_shrugging:

Would personally love to see them, as well as being able to transfer to outside accounts directly from a pot :pray:


It if not yet said do I interpret virtual card paying from a pot directly?

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Yes, especially as this isn’t available for early access through Monzo Labs!

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Come work with us and you might get early access to features :wink:


Do you have any openings for lazy, good for nothing, old men with no particular skills, but with a great sense of humour?

Asking for a friend.


I’m afraid I’m not planning on resigning anytime soon :wink:


Any chance you’ll allow more than 20 Pots?

I have Pots for absolutely everything; big & small. They allow me to ring fence funds for those irregular things I need to pay for that don’t fall under DD or SO.

Before Monzo I had a complex spreadsheet to do my budget. Now I a Pot for DDs/SOs and loads of Pots for holidays, annual insurance, savings, Christmas, birthdays, pets, logs for my log burner etc, etc, etc. The salary sorter dumps money into Pots and the rest is dumped into the account. A quick budget set up and the rest is mine, ALL MINE! :joy:

Of course Monzo hasn’t made me any richer, but boy oh boy do I know exactly where my money goes, and it’s a ninja at managing budgets.

Keep up the good work.

Oh, once again, more Pots please!


I use YNAB for detailed budget and then bundle them to bigger categories that I use in Monzo (e.g. each monthly bill is separate in YNAB and in Monzo I have bills as one pot, and so on).

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Is there an eta for this, very very excited

Think it all looks great

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It’s in the first post. I missed it first time too as there’s a lot to take in :sweat_smile:

Thank you!!!

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This is excellent news! Loving the designs here.

I’m intrigued about the future for pot transfers (which are also in the blue icons). Given that the redesigned payments screen seemingly stopped mid-flight (and is still in Labs) could this be related?

Two thoughts:

  • on the designs the current account is represented by the user’s picture from the top-left. I’m not quite sure the hierarchy is right on that: that avatar is for the whole Monzo app, rather than the current account (which is represented by the Monzo card). Surely it should be the latter? :thinking:

  • I hope this design will tidy up the upcoming bills pots payments, too. Currently (on Android) they’re in a random order under the pot - I find it practically impossible to see what’s been paid and what hasn’t been yet. A view like the one currently in Summary when you tap a committed spending category would be so much clearer. :pray:

But really looking forward to this. Coral Crew get first dibs, right?


I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message

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You need to change this bit . . . . Joe :grin:


Does anyone have this yet?

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