✨ Spring cleaning: making it easier to manage your account & see Pots payments

Love it. More user friendly and still looks great! Makes so much sense!

Show off :frowning:


Nah. But I got one to trial Dark Mode :sunglasses:


And that’s todays joke right???

Looks good can’t wait to test it out! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is maybe way out of scope for this project, but just with the talk of spring cleaning/layout changes, just wondering if there were any plans to look at the layout of info around the pot names?

The pot type seems kinda crammed under the pot title, but is then duplicated below in pot details so seems redundant? I’d love to see the return of goal progress bars in some form too :slightly_smiling_face:


This bugs me now, thanks for pointing that out :laughing:


Sorry :joy:

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Yeah, we’re cleaning all that stuff up. It’ll take us a bit though because there are quite a few moving pieces. We’ll update you whenever we know more.


Cool, thank you :blush:

It’s great to see these all these changes upcoming. I particularly look forward to seeing the pot changes.

Will this change finally sort out the confusing pot history where pot credits appear in black (as debits do in the main feed) and pot withdrawals appear in green as a credit? Drives me nuts…!

Very promising developments overall though.

Edited for clarity.


The ‘problem’ with this is I’m now experiencing a second of excitement that mine might have rolled out every time I open my app :hot_face:


I just checked and there was an update available for Monzo. Sadly, not this update though :frowning:

This looks super neat :+1:t3: However these screenshots make me long for a grey ‘clean’ background again opposed to the weird gradient green we get for Plus.

Surely I don’t have to cancel plus just to get a nice grey background? :smirk:


Well that’s put me off Plus.

Too much white, needs dark mode.

Yes they will! These new feeds will replace the old Pot “History” button. And we’ve sorted out the colours - it’s been driving us nuts too. So now Pot transfers make sense based on their context:

  • In your new Pot feed: transfers in will now show in green, and transfers out will show in black.
  • In your account feed, everything stays the same: transfers in will stay green, and transfers out stay black.

We’ve also given roundups some love so you can easily see the difference between a transfer and a roundup. The screenshot shows how roundups into Pots now show in green! :tada:


Hadn’t realised that the screenshot was a pot. This is absolutely brilliant. So much better. Please may I have the change rolled out to me today? :slight_smile:

Seriously that looks like a good set of updates overall and it’s good to see some much needed development happening on the usability of the core app.

Thanks to all the team working on this.


I hadn’t either! This is very good!

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Is this hinting at pot to pot transfers?

Or am I reading too much into the significance of them being labelled as transfers to and from the current account?


Those transactions look like a transfer from the current account to the pot (+£50 ‘Yesterday’), then a transfer from the pot to the current account (-£25 ‘Today’)

The totals for ‘YESTERDAY’ and ‘TODAY’ (and also ‘MONDAY, 5 APRIL’) make no sense though at £0.00 - although this is likely a mock-up image.