✨ Spring cleaning: making it easier to manage your account & see Pots payments

As with the others above, it never was combined for me

Now I would very much like it to be, but that’s another story! :slight_smile:


For upcoming transactions, you do get the notification underneath the transaction title that it is to be paid from a pot as shown :point_up: in @amyw’s post

But for historical transactions, there is no second line of text with the New Tabs, only the name of the Bills pot from which the money was transferred into the main account to pay the bill. Here’s a s/shot:


Separate feature request: keep it the way it’s shown in the ‘to be paid’ transactions even after it’s paid :slight_smile:



I think with the changes that are coming, it will be more like roundups.

You’ll get your “Sky - £9billion” DD line and then it will have the little circle top right to show that it was paid from a pot.

Thanks for all of this feedback, it’s hugely valuable and very much appreciated!

All I can say for now is that paying bills from Pots will be getting more love in the future. It’s a change that’s coming in months rather than weeks, but it is being actively thought about and worked on!


Do you know when more of iOS is supposed to be getting the feed makeover update? I am on test flight and still waiting :slight_smile:


Are you allowed to elaborate on how rollouts happen - I’m more curious than anything.

  • Is it done on account ID? So early adopters get it first and it goes up from there.
  • Is it entirely random?
  • Or is there a selection of mixed criteria. i.e. OS version, device type, resolution, some kind of usage requirements and so on… basically so you get a nice mix and lots of different feedback?

Then you mentioned phases…

  • So what determines a successful phase rollout?
  • How long do you leave each phase?
  • Do phases grow in size after each successful one?

And so on…


I’m in the first 50k (it would have been earlier but Android) and I have it not.

I’d guess it’s random across specified criteria. I remember (I think @Jami) saying that they’re really keen not to overload things and to pick up on any problems early. So my guess would be they select random cohorts across device models, OS versions and any other significant criteria.

Alas Coral Crew membership doesn’t seem to be one of them. Or, if it is, it’s a negative factor.

But like you say, it’d be interesting to hear about the science (or otherwise) behind it!


I wouldnt be surprised if its newer first to work out kinks as I have an old account and will have significantly more data and I also have a business account. I am on iOS.


Today has brought me both my first jab and tabbed feeds. Will go have a dig in, but was not expecting it for my main feed as well, though that actually seems more useful right now


I can concur your theory. I held off on signing up to Monzo until they were both a bank and new signups resulted in you getting a current account rather than a prepaid debit card.

So although I’m still among the first 1 million, I’m definitely not an early adopter here, and I got it quite early, and as an iOS user too.


That’s same as me however I’m number 1919174

Wish I joined 10 minutes later so it’ll be a constant 19 pattern

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My number 428xxxx so I must be at the end of queue :sweat_smile:

29722 so seems it’s gonna be a while!


#3843, it’s definitely not based on user number as I don’t have it yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Damnnnnn. I’m 8,255. You were early!


Sure was :sunglasses: I even (huge throwback) got Apple Pay, before Apple Pay was formally announced, as there was a period where it was accidentally switched on early, and then switched off.

They let people keep it till the full roll out later.


For what it’s worth 10 minutes would have been too long.

To be 17 places later and get 1919191 you would have needed to sign up 5 minutes and 40 seconds later :wink:


I’m glad I missed this somehow as I would have been so jealous lol. Remember how agonising the wait for Apple Pay was.

Busy day at work Theo? :sweat_smile: