Split total between savings pots and regular pots

In response to this thread: Where do you currently put your savings? I wanted to see how much I actually had in savings, so I went to this screen to look at the number I’ve circled in yellow, but I realised that it wasn’t all savings, due to bills pots. I’m not really that bothered about monzo developing a specific feature just so I can marvel (or panic) at how much money I do or don’t have, but maybe worth thinking about for future app versions/bills pots implementations.

Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I believe if you download a statement it’s shows you how much you have held with Monzo and how much you have with other savings providers OakNorth, Charter and so on…

You are correct, however it might be nice to be able to see those values without having to download a statement.

Perhaps if/when they update the summary screen, that could be a reasonable place for it.

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