Absolutely rubbish way to see your full balance

Not sure why Monzo make it so difficult to see how much your total balance with them is - ie main balance plus all pots. You have to go into account then statements and then you see it. Not intuitive at all and a pain in the arse

Swipe down on the image of your card. Shows all your pots and account balance.


Even the hidden from view Pots :+1:

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I wish that this could be the default view, tbh.


I think that’s because Monzo designed it that way. Pots are not supposed to be visible as “available money” - they’re places to hide money away. That’s why overdrafts don’t take into account pot money.

You’d be better keeping it in your main account if you need that instant visibility.

I don’t think so. If you exit the app you return to that point. And even more so with my connected accounts. If I have to scroll scroll scroll then it’s probably quicker to switch apps!

I want to see that my bills pot balance and others at a glance. I much prefer that screen for an overview even with my hidden pots.


Just a slight inconvenience that I have to scroll once to bring the transaction view down and then once again to get to the card view, I can live with that.

I get that others would prefer a different default view to start with though and maybe that should be an option within the app to specify where that view starts from.

I wish there was a dashboard style home Screen view. With widget style tiles that you can move around so you can customise your Home Screen as you wish.

What would you have on your home screen?

Joint account balance, overall balance, summary circle chart thing and favourite payees. Clicking them would take you to the relevant section in app.

Maybe in the future it could have future wealth / projections.

That’s just quickly off the top of my head.