Monzo widget to include CA + Pots balance

(Jorge) #1

Mine only displays the amount I have in CA. Any chance we can have the full balance in the widget (including pots)

iOS widget not working
(Alex Sherwood) #2

It looks like the widget has the same behaviour as your balance from the Home tab e.g. it just shows you money that isn’t in Pots. Keeping money in Pots that you plan to spend in the current Summary period (generally a month) ‘breaks’ several things (Pulse, Summary) etc. so I’d suggest you don’t..

Assuming that you’re not planning to spend the money within the Summary period, I’m interested to hear why you’d want to check on it so regularly - which is what the widget enables?

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #4

I prefer it the way it works now. :grinning:

(Nick) #5

Hard to see an advantage for this over the way it works now, considering the purpose of a widget is quick reference. Which is someone more likely to glance at? The inconsistency with the presentation in would also be an issue.

(Jorge) #6

I was just thinking that it’d be good to have the whole picture at a glance, especially since it’ll be easier to lose track of things once we get the Committed Spend Pots, as our bill monies won’t be in the CA anymore.

This said, we still have no idea what this new pots will look like or how certain rules will change the way we currently use pots :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ashley) #7

I guess a summary and a global summary would be nice, so you can see how much casual money you have left and how much with pots combined in an emergency i.e. house maintenance and you needed to view the combined amounts in your current account, holiday, car savings pots etc.

(MikeF) #8

I think I’d open the app for that, the widget is for quick access to an immediately useable total (for me).

(Ashley) #9

Ah sorry didn’t notice this was widget.