Show total funds alongside each transaction in main account and savings pots

Hey Monzo,

The apps great, but one thing I wish it did is show the totals funds available alongside each transaction. Currently it shows the +/- value for each transaction and then an end of day total on the main account view.

In savings pots it does not even show daily totals, just the current total and transaction history. Against each transaction in the history it would be great if it also showed the total funds after that transaction.

Obviously I could work back and calculate, but this is a simple feature that would significantly improve my experience with the app, and help with budgeting and tracking expenditure.


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I think Monzo wants you to pay £5 for Plus, and get this feature on a Google spreadsheet.

I can’t see Monzo offering it for free now.

Edit: As the next comment

You can see running balance for free via monthly statements (account > statement history) or summary period or full account PDF, CSV, or QIF exports (bottom of summary screen)