Account / pot running total - where is this?


I’ve been with Monzo for some time now and was getting ready to fully switch over to them.
However, I have just started to do my personal accounts using Monzo as a test bed and found that the statements don’t give a running total of the account or pot that I need to review.
This seems a bit of a daft (and easy) piece of information to omit from a statement. Natwest and HSBC (who I will be switching from) have this on every statement for every account I have with them.
It is incredibly useful.

If I’ve missed something, please let me know. If it’s not there… get it added please! It’s a simple piece of code in order to do so.


Transfers in/out of pots won’t be shown on your statements, only on your feed in the app.

It’s because pots are parts inside of your account. Only money moving in/out of your account are shown on statements.

Thanks for the reply Duncan.
So this means that to have a statement that shows a balance, I need multiple accounts rather than pots.
ie. in natwest I have 5 accounts: 1 current and 4 savings for different reasons. I need to keep track of the balance of each savings account as well as my current account and I need to know what that balance was at a variety of different times during the month (looking back from the end of the month rather than at the time). Are multiple accounts the only way to show these balances? Can I have multiple accounts with Monzo?

Monzo only lets you have one personal account. They also have Joint and Personal accounts but don’t think they’d help you.

Each pot has its own total of how much is in it. At least that’s what I can remember, I don’t have any pots at the moment.

Maybe someone else could confirm?

Duncan is correct. You can only have one account.

Running total for your main account is on the statement I think. But no pots.

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Monzo starts with a Personal account.
You can then open a Joint account with a trusted person (who also has a Personal account)
You can also open a Business account for a qualifying business.

Personal/Joint accounts have a statement download area where you can choose which period of transactions you wish to view. These statements have a running balance displayed*

*The statements show transfers to pots and transfers from pots, but not the values of the pots at any given time.

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They don’t. The only way to get this would be to download a csv into a spreadsheet (it can be done automatically if you want to use Google Sheets and pay Monzo £5pm) and work it all out there.

I just checked and the PDF gave me the total after each transaction

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