Spinning wheel on login

IOS 17.1.2
Getting a spinning wheel when I try and login - click on the email and it just goes to a black screen and a spinning wheel

uninstalled, rebooted and then reinstalled from the App Store

any ideas?

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If it helps I have just updated to the latest iOS and no difference!
Been happening for a week or so

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Trying on wifi or mobile data? try it on mobile data


it does the same on both

Do you have access to another device to try?

If you do, you’ll need both the Monzo app installed and access to your email account on that device (this could be using the device’s browser to access your web-based inbox if available):

  • Login to the Monzo app using the same email you used to access your Monzo account and a magic link will be sent to your email
  • Open the email on the new device and tap on the Magic Link in the Monzo email - this will allow access to your Monzo account to see if the issue still occurs

→ If the issue is fixed, that confirms the issue is with your first device
→ If the issue continues on the second device, this confirms the issue is either with the internet connection (Firewall, blocked IP/Domains) or with your account on the Monzo side. You can log out of the Monzo app and uninstall the Monzo app from the trial device


I will give that a try when I get home

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Hmmm, that’s very odd. How long has it been since this started? It could be account related

Looks like it is account - tried on my iPad with a fresh download and it’s exactly the same
Hmm now to try and contact monzo directly


Good luck!


@TomMills I have tagged the fixer of all things for you

Sat on the text support for over an hour with no reply - will try again tomorrow
What has happened to monzo?
Support used to be excellent

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Thank you

Try again for what? Your message will be there you just need to wait for a reply.


ooh, good point, will do

Hey Andy :wave:

Want to try and make sure issues like this don’t pop up.

Sending you a DM :pray: