"Spent today" is not true

I can see “Spent today” at £0.71 after receiving a refund of 5.99 and spending 6.70… :wink:

It shows nett spending not gross spending

I understand. Looking at that figure, though, I do know it does not show me what it intends to (as in, I know I have spent more than that today). It does reflect a balance, instead.

Currently it would easily trick me into spending more than my daily budget - if you know what I mean :wink:


Yes, ideally the refund amount should apply back to the date of the original spend, to give a more realistic idea of what was spent on that day as well as today. Quite how easy that is to implement I don’t know, and may confuse some users.

Without any running balance it seems to be irrelevant what date it comes thru as Monzo only display current balance.

If they ever provide proper accounts with a running balance next to each transaction then this would be really useful.

Unfortunately there is a trend at the moment to omit the running balance from apps (Monzo, Monese, Tide, Fire, Handlesbanken, etc) which is unfortunate as it is so much easier to audit your account with it. Also whenever there is an issue with updating the live balance if a running balance is displayed it makes it easier to mentally calculate the current balance by adding on transactions since the issues started occurring

I suggest the short-term solution to change wording to smth like “Today’s
By the way, I can see this misleading bug also in the device system
notification: “You’ve spent X today”.

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It’s not really ‘balance’ either though is it. “Today’s net spend” seems most appropriate for the notification.

IMO the figure at top right would be better just as ‘Today’, and the +/- (usually -) always shown.

As it is, if you receive more than you spend it’s presumably the double negative “Spent -£…”.

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