Spent Today - display net rather than total outgoing

(quinn_rory) #1

My card was double charged at Sainsbury’s today and I got one expenditure debited back. However the Spent Today total displays the full total of the outgoings only. Since there are three transactions of the same (abs) value, with two netting off I think mondo should recognise this as a single transaction when displaying the Spent Today totals, and perhaps totals in the Retailer History.

Incorrect spent today value
(PhilB) #2

Just a +1 on seeing this.

Did a test purchase on our own systems to see what would happen (turns out our invoice numbers go on statement lines these days, I had no idea.) and reversed it (which happened in seconds - cool!) but my total spend does not reflect the credit.

(Hassan Iqbal) #3

I definitely agree with this. Had the same issue at McDonalds, first payment got refunded and then had to do it again. The Total spent included the first transaction which was actually returned. So it wasn’t really “spent”.


(davidjpnorman) #4

Agreed. This happened to me too. In Tesco’s.

(Hugo Cornejo) #5

Yes, you’re all right, that’s not the expected behaviour.

Sorry about that, we’ll fix it soon :slightly_smiling:

(Justin Seals) #6

Hi there, I split my first bill in a restaurant with a friend also on Monzo. The bill came to £24 and split with the friend. The friend then paid and it showed up as a £24 bill with a £12 received fee from a friend as seperate transactions. If you’ve split a bill with a friend, that bill should change from the £24 to £12, and when clicked in should maybe say total for bill was £24 and which friend paid half, but ultimately just want to show the bill to me as £12, not £24 and a -£12 later, as that skeews my spending.

Also, furthermore, I went on holiday with my gf and I used my Monzo card abroad the entire time and she paid me back via Monzo, you should be able to attribute incoming money from someone against a bill/transaction/holiday and it update your monthly spending accordingly to what “I’ve spent” not what the total that was actually spent.

(Naji Esiri) #7

Hey! The current bill splitting functionality is the very first iteration and we’ll be building on it based on feedback and testing over the coming months. A very similar idea was added to the Extraordinary Ideas Board already!

(Justin Seals) #8

Ah yes, that card is similar to the begining of my idea - though attributing received funds to specific transactions afterwards is a different thing that I also think would be good =]

I suppose that one could always use the split Monzo functionality and request the money, but sometimes people send it and you then have to attribute it.

Also, you can’t split a holiday spending…which would be ideal when traveling with friends/partners!


As a Monzo card user,
I want the spent today figure to factor in money paid to me by other monzo users,
so I have a better idea of how much money I’ve actually spent today.

e.g. scenario where I paid for dinner then my friend paid me back his half later, my total spend spend for the day is actually say £50 not the £100 total cost for both him and I

(Michael Jenkins) #10

This would have to be restricted to the bill splitting feature - Imagine what the ‘spent today’ would show on pay day.

(Sean) #11

I agree with @micswayd This makes sense and would make spending totals more accurate and budgeting so much better :money_with_wings::chart_with_downwards_trend:

(Marcel W.) #12

I think this is already being discussed here.

(Simon B) #13

Yep - please see existing discussion as posted above :grinning:

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Please ignore this message, this topic is still open.

(Nick) #15

Is this a bug, or how the functionality should work? If the latter, then I think it is wrong.

Today I’ve spent:

£10.00 on fuel
£3.45 on soup at Pret

Therefore I’ve spent £13.45.

I’ve also received an iTunes refund of £1.99.

My SPENT TODAY amount is showing as £11.46. Surely this is wrong as I have actually spent £13.45, but the refund is effecting the amount being shown as having been spent today.

(Alex Sherwood) #16

I’ve moved your post here as it sounds like the feature hasn’t changed (yet) in the preview version of the app.

(Jason) #17

Hi yeah I’m gonna have to agree with @nick69g above.

The spent today on home and the total monthly spend under spending both dont make sense as they are. Ive spent fifty odd quid today but because its payday its saying ive spent nothing. Also my monthly spend has gone down now because of the same pay going in.

Which means now that ive been paid i really dont know how much ive spent. Unless i open the caculator app and flick between the two hmmm