Spent Today not accounting income from Bill Splitting

Evening all!!

I feel that the Spent Today text should probably show the net spend of the day instead.

In the screenshot below, my wife repaid me through bill splitting for the £7 car park fee and technically she paid me back for the meal albeit by regular Monzo payment.

And yet I have supposedly spent £89.65 which is not a true reflection of what I have spent, I literally have spent £30 today.

I feel that at least £7 should be knocked off the spent today because the bill was split using the bill splitting figure.

Any plans that this will be amended?



Agree, if a credit cancels out a debit then nothing has been spent that day.

People go round and round in this one in all the different threads where it comes up. I still maintain that the money has been ‘spent’ so the text is technically correct. I also agree that the net impact of all transactions on my account for the day is the number I want to see, whatever it ends up being called.


I feel that to accommodate everyone maybe it would be a good idea to have Spent Today, Received Today, Total Net?

Could also include Pots aswell?

Maybe instead of the Pulse Graph :wink:

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Also need a pending transaction total, available balance and balance excluding pots and balance including pots :no_mouth:

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Completely agree that Bill Split income should be removed from the Spent Today figure.

There’s more of an issue when it comes to other income though.

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