[Android/iOS] Spent Today incorrect

Issue: I have payed a friend via bank transfer £20 today and the graph showed it correctly, but then I got a refund from Amazon (Claimed my self via the “Question Transaction” dialog, as I cancelled the order). After I got a refund the graph showed spent today as £0. But I have two transactions in the app

  1. £20 send to a friend
  2. £26 refund from amazon

Details to reproduce: see above ^
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: 2.24.0 #479

Screenshots: IMG_0640

The refund cancels it out. It’s expected behaviour, but makes no sense!


I get that it “attempts” to cancel it out, but even then the maths is incorrect as in that case it should have said “spent -£6.99”. But I can understand if it was from the same merchant, but it wasn’t. It is somewhat understandable but still wrong.

It can’t go to minus, which is why it just goes to zero. Not entirely sure why, but like I say it is expected behaviour, as strange as it seems.

I’ve never understood why, would much rather they ignored refunds, and just stuck to spends.


So if I go mad and splurge a grand on stuff on the day I get paid, it’ll show as spent nothing? Even though I have actually spent a grand?

Seems a bit weird.

Probably not, as it’s not a refund. I think it only works if if’s a refund.


Makes sense. Still weird, using the word ‘spent’ is the problem.

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The problem I guess is that Monzo can’t tie refunds to a specific purchase, but perhaps they could at least try to tie them to the same retailer and not count them against completely unrelated transactions.

In this case they should be able to identify the previous Amazon transaction.

I imagine Monzo can tell which transaction a refund is from if the refund is due to the merchant not taking the money.

For these cases it would be great if:

  • The original transaction was reduced to costing £0.00 in the feed.

  • A dismissible feed item appears at the top of your feed.

    • It should tell you that the funds for transaction X have be released back to you.
    • Then have a link to transaction X and maybe some info about how banks ringfence funds when a merchant requests them but the merchant doesn’t always take the money after.
  • Summary and Spent Today are modified for the period which the refunded transaction takes place.

I was about to report this as a bug too.

I’ve had two come through today and they’ve broken my ‘Spent’ for the day. One is a refund from easyJet and the other a payout from William Hill which for some reason they insisted had to come partly via PayPal and partly as a credit to my Mastercard.

Weirdly if I scroll part way down the page my spent updates to £24 which is the exact amount I’ve spent today (second screenshot)

I’m not sure I’d agree that this is how users would expect this to work, for example if your wage comes through or a friend transfers you money your ‘Spent today’ still displays correctly. I’m not sure why this shouldn’t be the same for refunds or credits to your Mastercard?

I’m expecting another similar deposit refund from BA later this week if anybody at Monzo wants to take a closer look.

OS: Android 8.1.0
Device: Note 9
App Version: 2.25.1

Screenshot_20181203-185119_Monzo Screenshot_20181203-190734_Monzo

Interestingly I had a this issue crop up when I received the £10 bonus for joining using a friends link, which was particularly confusing because I was brand new to Monzo.

I agree using the word spent does make it a little confusing, It’s more like it reflects the total outgoings of the account, rather than how much you’ve actually spent. I’d personally not particularly want it to change it’s name to something else, in my head I’d want to it just represent the total of outgoings and totally disregard any income, if that makes sense?