✅ [Android/iOS] Spent today doesn’t take credits from pots into account? [NOT BUG]

Spent today doesn’t take credits from pots into account?
Details to reproduce:
See screenshot
iOS 12.1.3 (16D5932a)
iPhone X
App Version:
2.28.0 #497 Awesome!
Expected result:
Approx £530.

I understand why that is frustrating and I also find it annoying


you have still spent that much. A pot is not an external expenditure coming in from a different account to credit your account. It’s just shifting money from one part of your account to another.

Maybe if Monzo were able to toggle a feature to treat pots like external accounts so that incomings and outgoings between the two are treated as such…would make my life easier.


Strikes me as the problem is not ‘spent today’ being wrong (as you have spent the money) but the pulse graph not including the withdrawal from the pot.

I had much the same issue the other month: withdrew a precise amount from a pot and spent it - expected pulse bar to briefly go up and down (balance out, that is), but instead just went straight down and was consequently useless the rest of the month.

Summary tab was still more or less ok, at least.

They do when it comes to overdrafts, rather confusingly.

Edit: Not to derail this thread, there is a whole other thread on this of ‘O yes it is, O no it isn’t’ variety somewhere. (I haven’t got the link right now).