Spending locations inaccurate

(Samuel Nogalski) #1

I’ve spent on my card three times, twice at Asda and once at M&S. When viewing the map for my purchases at Asda, it is down the street from where Asda actually is. The M&S location is in a completely wrong place (saying Hawksworth, Leeds instead of Kirkstall, Leeds).

Could be an issue on Google’s behalf but it’s worth mentioning anyway.

EDIT: I should note this is on my Nexus 5X running Monzo for Android 7.0

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

you can report it in app - assuming you have iPhone - don’t know about the funny phones :wink:

touch the transaction and scroll down to "something wrong , tell us "

following your edit - don’t know if you have this functionality on Android yet

(Rika Raybould) #3

Unfortunately, merchant corrections aren’t currently available in the Android app.

On iOS, it’s possible to suggest improvements to location, names, addresses and logos by scrolling to the bottom and tapping “Something Wrong? Tell Us!”.

(Samuel Nogalski) #4

Cheers for clarifying that. I should’ve done some more digging!

(Patrick) #5

I think it goes by the address reported by the merchant. When I use the BP station in Porchester (Portsmouth), on the map it appears in the middle of Fareham.
I’ve used my American Express card, which provides merchant addresses, in there before and the address is reported as Fareham - same place as it appears on the map in the Monzo app. Must be their registered office?

When I use my Amex card in the local BP in my village (near Romsey, just outside Southampton), the address displayed in the Amex app is Wembley - again, must be their registered business address. I’m fully expecting that when I use my Monzo card there, it’ll appear on the map as some place in Wembley. I’ve seen crowd sourced corrections mentioned for the future - that would be brilliant - or maybe using the phone’s GPS (in a user instigated way, not a creepy automatic way)?

(Casey Rain) #6

@Pipefish is correct - the Merchant will have a registered business address that Monzo will use. I’ve made payments to food trucks, for example, and the address shows as the home address of the owner, which is sometimes not in the same city.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Monzo does also try to improve the accuracy of a merchants location by cross referencing it against the Foursquare & Google Maps databases but obviously this still doesn’t result in 100% accuracy.

Reporting the correct location in the app, as Ian & Richard have suggested is the best way to make sure that the location is correct in the future, for all users.


It is the address reported by the merchant. I made a POS purchase in a shop and a return of the item at the same shop. Purchase went thru with the local shop address but refund went thru with a centralised national address

(Samuel Nogalski) #9

@caseyrain @Pipefish @anon44204028

I’m not sure this is the case. The plots on the Google Map are within the vicinity of the store, but not quite there. Asda is just down the road in what I know is a house and the M&S one was slap bang in the middle of a housing estate. I just think the coordinates aren’t being used to a close enough decimal.

EDIT: Just checked; the coordinates Monzo has are incorrect (but I guess this cannot be helped in most cases if they come from a third party).

For M&S, Monzo has 53.8264610, -1.6155060 in comparison to Google Map’s 53.8163682, -1.6049817.

(Rika Raybould) #10

As far as I’m aware, Google Maps coordinates are only used if a correction is made, otherwise it will attempt a best effort based on the location information returned by the terminal. This can be more than just an address in some cases as I’ve seen merchant terminals that report the correct GPS coordinate but have a central office in their address field.

(Patrick) #11

I just bought some stuff from Asda in Chandler’s Ford - the full address and postcode is reported in the app (and by Amex in the past) when you go to google maps and type it in (SO53 3YJ), or type in just ‘Asda, Chandler’s Ford’, it comes up with the location spot on.

Yet in the Monzo app, it’s down the road about half a mile.

That is weird.


The transaction I had refered to came up with a Nottingham or Northampton address when it first appeared in my timeline, hence my comment, but looking at the transaction now these details have changed and it shows the Essex address I expected. Must be something to do with the way Boots process returns/refunds.

(Fabrizio Michael Forni) #13

Hi guys.
I suggest to use Foursquare Venues instead of Google ones, as its addresses are correct and, eventually, there are SuperUsers3 (like me) that can eventually fix them at a glance … all over the World.

Let me know if I can help.

Have a great day!