Very Vague Location - Phone GPS or Card Machine?

I live in Northern Ireland, and went over the border yesterday to fuel the car as it’s cheaper.

Used my Mondo card for the first time abroad, it worked great, but the location shown is so inaccurate…

The arrow shows where I actually was.

Does the app use my phone’s GPS, or is this a problem with the petrol station’s machine?

(Also side note, I chose to pay in Euro as I assumed Mondo/Mastercard would give me a better rate, but I checked after and the shop’s rate was actually slightly better…)

@InfamousTeal - can you tell us what the text states under ‘Pending Transaction’ header? The location is driven off the location details configured within the retailer’s machines.

The issue is arising because no postcode was provided for the transaction - see at the top, it has a row of zeros before “Ireland”. Because of that, Mondo’s backend is not yet able to determine the actual location.

Once their location based fraud detection systems are further developed, this will likely improve by using the location of your phone.

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Thank you for your replies :blush:

I didn’t get any notification when I crossed the border, I thought that was a feature, but maybe I wasn’t far enough over the border to trigger it. Or I’m wrong entirely :sweat_smile:

That features on limited release at the moment so most of us don’t have it.

Just to mention, you can report to this to :mondo: by tapping the transaction & going to the Something Wrong? Tell Us! link. They will fix the location for the merchant -