Spending and Monzo Pots messed up my budget


I’ve been with Monzo since beta (Mondo) and have only just recently gone full Monzo. As a result, I’m only just embarrassingly figuring out how to use pots.

So I created a pot with a target to pay a personal bill into my business account (also Monzo, but not relevant). Today I reached the target and it wouldn’t let me pay directly out of the pot because it wasn’t a regular standing order or direct debit, so I closed the pot, which transferred the money back into my account. All good so far.

I then paid the money into my business account (weirdly I had to manually enter my company bank details, despite there being a link at the top of the app to switch which account I’m viewing), categorising the payment as ‘Finances’.

Now, on my account and summary screens, it is treating that one-off payment as spending and the budgeting tool is telling me that I have £0 left to spend for the entire month.

Am I using this feature incorrectly? Or is there any way to categorise this one off payment to exclude it from the budgeting tool? Because now it looks like I’m being told off for being naughty and spending loads when actually I used pots to save and pay a large bill!

Is there an ‘exclude from summary’ button in the transaction feed item?

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Yes, that solved it. Thank you so much! I feel like such an idiot!

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