Withdrawal from Savings affecting budget summary

I’m relatively new to Monzo so I’m probably not using it all correctly. I haven’t completely moved over to Monzo yet, I’m transferring all my spending and savings money to Monzo and leaving my bills in another.
One issue I have with it so far is how spending money from my savings on things like holidays affects my monthly budget.
In my mind, spending savings on a holiday or big purchase isn’t factored into my monthly budget. It’s separate from that. Is there a way to mark a withdrawal from savings pots so it isn’t included in your monthly budget?

It probably sounds pedantic, but it’s just annoyed me that I can’t see the budget I’ve allocated for the month properly now because my withdrawal from my savings Pot has affected my budget.

Hope you can understand what I mean.


If you click on the spending transaction you can scroll to the bottom and click the toggle to exclude from summary. Is this what you mean?


That’s exactly what I meant! :joy::joy: thank you!


Glad I could help!

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