Exclude pots from budget

Is there a way to exclude certain pots from your overall total/budget?

As an example, I set aside money each month for Christmas pressies (and don’t want this showing in my total), and also pay myself a daily allowance (which I do want showing in my total), both of which throw off my budget. I get the ‘you’re going to run out of money’ warning at least 2 weeks away from payday because it’s not recognising money in pots.

I can see it’s been asked a few times, but the threads have expired unanswered.


Unfortunately all movements into pots (and the balances in them) aren’t factored into the built-in summary on Monzo.

The rational behind this is that you haven’t actually “spent” the money as yet (just sectioned it off).

What is it you’d like to be able to do? I’m not quite clear on how it would work in your ideal world!

This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here: