Bill Pots or Summary for budgeting?

Do you use bill pots or summary for budgeting? Or both? What’s your system?

I’ve been asking for weekly budgeting since joining monzo with no luck so I use pots for budgeting instead


i have a scheduled bills pot, pot for childcare and pot for card bills

Then i use the budgeting tools and summary for my day to day spening


Bill Pots to safeguard money for committed spend.

Summary to track the overall left to spend against the days remaining until payday, as well as the individual category budgets.



This 100%

Shove all my committed spending into my bills pot and forget about it, then use summary to track my monthly budget.

(That’s exactly what I do now)

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Yep, I use pots for bills and for things you can’t budget monthly (car expenses, holiday) and summary for things I do budget monthly (groceries, eating out, basically my spending money)

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Bills pots for all committed spending, then watching left-to-spend carefully with all other spending for the current Summary period.
I also use YNAB (with Toolkit), which auto-imports all Monzo transactions, to be able to see into the future to make sure there are no upcoming surprises.