Spending - Additional dimensions (i.e. Date)

(Benjamin Morgan) #1

Hi Team,

You have a screen within the app entitled “Spending”. This, very usefully, allows you to see your spending across the various categories. Would it be possible to allow this screen to also show you an average spend per day? You have deemed this to be an important KPI. It takes a critical position on the “home” tab. I agree with this being an important measure and would love to be able to slice my total spend by this dimension (avg daily spend).

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we’re currently working on some new features for the “Spending” tab so we’ll do your best to keep that on mind :thinking:


Ability to show ANY transactions, spending or budget in a second indicative currency.

Example of use (apart from when on holiday or business travels) could be for those newly resident in UK having an approximate conversion into their home currency next to the actual £ amount to help them adjust to the change of currency or for people with properties in multiple countries having transactions shown in the currencies of both residencies