Daily average spends

Hi fellow Monzo users,
I am wondering how can I see my daily average spends for a certain period of time (e.g. a month or a week)?
Thanks for your help

not sure you can in app , what you can do is find out your average spending value in a set period - not really sure what use that is :slight_smile:

edit - Im on iPhone to answer @Jackcrwhitney comment below

lol if in a week I buy two beers for £10 and then a holiday for £1000 I’ve made two transactions and my average spend for the week is £505 ??? so what does that information help me with ??? buy more expensive beers or cheaper holidays - Im underspending on beers and overspending on holidays - seems pointless to give me an average spend :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


To clarify is this an iOS only thing because of the more advanced search?

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I think more insights into say…

80% of your transactions are under £20 would be interesting.


I think average spend is just meaningless information for the example Ive given , total spent and total received in a period is the only information I need in that particular section - summary / budgets do the rest - well it will do when you can set specific time periods to suit your budgeting period :slight_smile:

You can exclude exceptional items from the calculation.

A run rate indicator seems perfectly useful. The dial is ok, but would be nice if it said ‘you need to spend under 28quid a day’ when it looks like you may run out of money in a period.