'Spent Today' & 'Spent This Week, Month' etc

Love the app so far. One small niggle i’d suggest is an option to change the ‘spent today’ section of the app & widget.

I’m usually well aware of my spending that day already and personally a weekly/fortnightly/monthly option instead would be better for budgetting and monitoring my spending.

Thanks all. Keep up the great work.


Useful idea and should be relatively easy to implement as, but I’ll leave that ultimate judgement to @hugo

Awesome username btw and welcome to the community :wave:

This would be a great modification, I hope it happens! :smile:

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A graph/table of day on day spends linked to the targets would be great.

Was going to make a new post with this same idea! The option to toggle between ‘Spent Today’ and ‘Spent This Week’ would be really useful

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