Average spending per day and in a certain country

It would be nice for the app to be able to calculate the average spent on a particular period set or the average spent in a particular country within that period. It would be very useful I think! Like average for 1-10 of August or average 1-10 August in :hong_kong: For example so to plan and organise how we’re spending while at home and abroad!

That’s a good point.
I’m on the android, so I have no idea what the stats & targets tables look like, but it would be very helpful to be able to manage your own stats depending on what you want to see.

For example, average grocery spend per week, or per month, or per day
And maybe an option to see variance & standard deviance and such (just for those that want to know)

With stats, the things that each person wants to see will be wildly different, so having options to set your own parameters would be hugely helpful, and, by not painting everyone with the same brush, it would be directly in line with Monzo’s mission statement.