Be able to view spending for a specific day (e.g., yesterday)

(Joe Bloom) #1

It’s great that the app says how much you have spent today, but when it comes to the next day it would be great to be able to easily see “What you spent yesterday” or for any specific day.

This could be something added as a search term, but then it would also be of great use to be able to save your favourite search terms to be easily able to come back to them.

(Andrew Ross) #2

Or how much you have left from a set budget before it resets. Eg I might have £400 desposible income that I can spend between now and a set date.

I imagine the two boxes at the top of the app could be customisable.

(Joe Bloom) #3

Well that sounds like a bigger/different and specific request.

Mine is to view spending within set time frames, pretty simple. And being able to easily get back to that as a saved query.

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

We already have something like that working :slight_smile:

(Joe Bloom) #5

Ah of course the only thing I didn’t try was “yesterday”…

Is there a glossary of the terms you can use in the search?

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

We don’t have a public search syntax, just what you see on the suggested search section, “last week”, “last month”, “this week”, “this month”, places, emoji, categories and > < amounts.

Once we revamp the search we will make a UI search that will expose all this power without expecting you to know the syntax :slight_smile: