Spend today link and spend summary suggestion

This may be done on purpose but it seems strange when I tap the ‘spend today’ button and get shown a ‘monthly spend’ summary instead. I was expecting a summary of ‘today’ as the button suggests.

It would be good to have a toggle to choose between day/week/month etc. And also past/present/future.

Future with the hope you will take into account regular payments (debits/credits) to project future balances.

As with some other functions it may be this does exist and I have not used the card enough to unlock these features.

Thanks for reading.

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Totally – we have lots to do to improve that part! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

In addition to the above, probably already suggested, but being able set when my month starts would be really helpful. As I get paid on the 25th of the month I actually want to know what I am spending from the 25th to the 25th.


Is there a reason that the spends are rounded down? When I’m trying to keep track of what I’ve spent it seems silly to not show me the exact figure, and in turn the exact total.