Feature Idea 💡— Daily Budgets / Weekly Budgets


I believe at the top of the existing summary where you can switch between months there should be an option called “today” And instead of showing X amount left of Y for Z period of time it’ll just say X amount left for today. Then below, the breakdowns of budgets will change from what’s left of the total month to what’s left of today’s individual budget. This individual budget for today should be calculated by simply dividing the total monthly budget for any category by the amount of days in the summary reset period. This will work because when setting up a monthly budget a user usually works out how much they will spend everyday and then manually calculates it over the month to get to that monthly budget idea anyway. The great thing is that, if you spend up to the amount given for your DAILY budget then you will be able to remain on track for your monthly budget to make it last. If you spend however over that daily budget then the daily budget will be lower for the next day and so on. It gives you a more specific metric to aim for when managing money on a day to day basis and staying on track for the month.

I’d add this feature then just leave it hidden as an Easter egg lol for people to find, or if it’s big enough for people to really be like wow just mention it in the next update desc on the App Store! So excited to see this implemented in future pleaseeeeee :tired_face::joy:

I’d also then just add a weekly budget breakdown also for users who like to see their money budgets weekly so instead of X amount left for this month, or today it would be X amount left for this week again by dividing the existing monthly budget by 4 or however many weeks/days are in the summary reset period to find out 1 weeks budget, then a user knows they can spend up to that amount and still be able to stay on track with their spending. Similarly if they go over that weekly budget their next weekly budget will decrease as a result

I’m not suggesting you create entirely new summaries just manipulate the already there/existing data with a few simple calculations to make the app more applicable. Thanks guys :slight_smile: Love Monzo so much it’s been getting better bit by bit every month! :heart:

(Similar feature shown on another mobile banking app called Loot)

Please upvote this so the developers know how beneficial this would be! Been told by the support team to put this onto the forums so I’d love to see some reactions! What do you think? :man_shrugging:t3:


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