📉 Daily spend until payday

Hi, not sure if this has been suggested elsewhere but I think it would be a good idea for the money you’ve got left to be broken down into a daily amount you could potentially spend, updating as you go.

For example, I have X left until the 15th Feb, my next payday. It’s great I see it on the wheel but part of me knows the green wheel makes me feel to comfortable and I might be wreckless through this, although I’m aware.

If X was divided by the amount of days remaining, and I could see that average per day, I think it would act as a regular reminder to calm it. With that data it could flag up if you’re regularly going over your average and give you a nudge.

What do others think?

Thanks :+1:

Think i saw this suggested elsewhere when i’ve been browsing but it was in response to another old thread.

No idea if there is anything else / it has legs but i’d find this useful for sure.

Dozens does this and it is really useful. Personally I can’t be bothered working out how much I can safely spend daily with the amount of money I have left.

Having this calculated for me and displayed in the app would really help.

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There’s an existing thread for this with 20 votes:

I also suggested it in the original New Navigation thread here but I don’t recall any response on the idea from Monzo:

Please use the topic linked in the last post