Set a monthly spending budget with Summary

This has been in the apps for a couple of weeks, but we wanted to break down exactly how it works and when you might find it useful!


This is especially handy if you’re working to get out of your overdraft, and want to set a small, strict spending budget and use Summary to help you stick to it.

Awesome :smiley:


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being able to change it to a weekly budget would be handy :neutral_face:

I have just gone to change my monthly summary as payday this month is different to last month - I was most annoyed when it tried forcing me to have my Salary put into the account.

It feels more recently like Monzo is ‘forcing’ us into making them our main account. If i wanted it to be my main account I would have done it by now. What is wrong with just asking you from a calendar - much simpler.

Its getting to the point now where I am so fed up of “make it your main account” prompts that I an contemplating leaving (again)

If I try to change the start date and click on the “The payment I’m looking for isn’t there” button, I get presented with two different suggestions for adding money - Salary and Bank Transfer. So it’s not forcing to have salary added unless you’re seeing a completely different screen to me.

Anyway, it seems they’re also working on an option to define budget periods by specific dates if you don’t want to define by a specific incoming payment.


Slightly off topic but would like to be able to choose my budget manually rather than a toggle.

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second this - love this proposed option - any ETA on a rollout?

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Any chance of being able to manually enter a budget? Toggle wouldn’t allow me to have a set amount.