Hi how long does it take for a specialist to contact you?

How long is a piece of string?

It depends on so many factors. What the enquiry is, what specialist it needs, if it’s a big job, if it includes any 3rd parties, how many staff are furloughed, off sick, on holiday, what the ticket backlog is like etc etc

You’ll need to ask in app for a rough estimate and if possible I’m sure they’ll give you one if not already.

Typically, around 40 nanoseconds.


This brings back childhood memories! Every time I would query the duration of something, that was the answer I would most often get from my parents! It used to drive me nuts!

Haven’t come across the use of it for many years, til’ now! :sweat_smile:

To answer op, from my experience, it can vary anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 days.

Hahah same here.

I googled it just to be sure and it doesn’t seem to be an phrase that could cause offence so I chose to use it :smiley:

Definition if you're curious or didn't know

Phrase. How long is a piece of string ? (colloquial, often humorous, rhetoric question) Used as a response to a question such as " How long will it take?" or " How big is it?" when the length or size is unknown, infinite, variable, or relative.

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Heya Muzam! :wave:

It really depends on the specialist, there’s lots of different types within Monzo :hot_coral_heart:

Might be something which Lending look at or Payments, etc. Just depends on your query.

You should receive a message from us with an estimate of how long it’ll take if we are escalating your chat to a specialist :innocent:

Something along the lines of:

I’m going to pass this to a specialist team who are the best people to help you. They’re in the best position to help get this sorted, but it may be up to 8 hours before they’re able to get back to you.

We’ll always get back to you as quickly as we possibly can, though :pray:

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