How long should it take for a specialist to get back to you?


I’ve always found the in app chat really good in the past, but now I have had my first real issue with a payment Monzo and I am now stuck waiting for a specialist. Its been almost 26 hours now, since the first person escalated it, and after I asked for an update today a different customer support just asked a few basic questions then sent the same message saying they are escalating it to a specialist. This has already cost me a late payment fee (that the other company happily refunded after a short telephone call). How long does it take to get a response from a “specialist”. I can get issues like this resolved with just a phone call with other banks. What if this was something more time sensitive like a mortgage payment?


Could you DM me the email address for your Monzo account?

Par for the course at the moment. Some people get things resolved somewhat quickly, but the passed on to a specialist and then radio silence seems to be quite common. I assume it gets sorted eventually… but monzo has been quiet on the actual numbers and how much they are struggling to cope with support.

Basically… it doesn’t exist. If you need support from your bank quickly I would consider looking at banks which have that support in place for your needs. At least until monzo fix their broken support system.


That’s disappointing. This is the complete opposite experience I’ve had before. It took my wife a few minutes to change her name on monzo via online chat (she even did it in the airport on the way to our honeymoon), compared to multiple trips and filling out forms to change her name with a highstreet bank!

I had a similar issue with being put around for two days. While they can’t help you over the phone, I did call and they asked a specialist to pick it up (after the 3rd time it had to be passed back to a specialist). So got quite a quick response that time.

I have the feeling the specialists pass things down to first line support after they send their reply, not considering that this might not be 100% resolved or that there might be followup questions.

It would be great if a chat can stay with a specialist untill it’s closed.

I had one that was escalated on the 23rd August (from an issue ongoing since the 15th) and and has been crickets ever since, I’m not sure they actually have a tracking mechanism for these things to make sure they are responded to at all. I chased it once but that didn’t seem to help. Luckily I was able to resolve it myself with the merchant in the end.

I finally had a specialist reply who was very helpful, but said he would get back to me with after they have looked into it more (as it was the weekend) but now I just got a wishy-washy reply from someone I expect is not a specialist so my issue still isn’t resolved 5 days later. The customer service feels like TalkTalks was a couple of years ago before they seemed to realise they can’t just keep brushing off issues rather than fix them. Right now the only solution I can see to stop this in future is to move to another bank but I have only recently gone full Monzo recently

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Did you ever get a response from Monzo?

Try calling them tomorrow, they might be able to help or get a specialist to look into this immediately.

Nope, mine seems to have gone into a black hole.

Have you tried bumping the query, i.e. just asking what’s happening / for an update?

Yes… A front line person apologised and said they would “try and give them a nudge” (I. E. the specialist team) but the nudging didn’t work. I’m pretty sure since it’s nearly a month from the original issue now that it’s been lost behind the sofa.

Since I did eventually manage to get hold of the merchant and sort it out, I didn’t need to push it further at that point… Lucky I found another way to make the payment or I’d have lost a domain I’ve owned for 20 years!

Ah was this a payment compliance issue? I.e. someone not accepting your card?

P.s - glad to read it’s now sorted!

It was a repeatedly declined payment, the whole experience was so frustrating that it has its own forum thread here: Disjointed chat responses causing mega frustration!


The only time I’ve ever had a declined payment was John Lewis when I was trying to buy my partner a iPad for Xmas. It went like this:

Turns out John Lewis’s guest checkout is only for small purchases, it took me 6 phone calls over a couple of days to get the correct answer.

The first decline was because the merchant randomly decided to use an address they had on file for me from 2001, together with some Monzo card details, so I’ll happily believe that the rest of it was some other ridiculous merchant error, but it would definitely have been useful to have some help figuring it out!

Interestingly it didn’t look like yours, none of them went through but just appeared in the feed with “declined” on them and an accompanying frozen card every time. I’m guessing that means it was the Monzo end saying no…

Mine was different. It was accepted and 3D secured and then refunded within an hour.

I wonder if the old address triggered some form of auto denial from Monzo that kept firing?

Yeah I have but it’s was just met with the same “I can see something has gone wrong, I’ll pass it onto a specialist and ignore any of your further messages” response. Someone from payments has responded and said it’s strange and he can’t see why it would have failed but will look into it further, let me know what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Then 3 days later I get the usual response of I can see something has gone wrong but not telling you what.

The issue is a failed direct payment to a credit card that has resulted in a late payment charge. The credit card company gave me the money back but I still have the late payment on file (hopefully not on my credit report though as I am currently close to completion on buying a house) so I want to know that it won’t happen again else I cant trust Monzo to make important payments for me.

I’m currently on holiday with very little or no phone signal but will try phone when I can when I get somewhere with signal.

This is caused by fraud rules. We have a small selection of merchants where we decline payment and freeze the card. To make a payment to them you would need to unfreeze your card and make the payment within an hour.

We generally block these merchants because they’ve involved in a large scale attack on Monzo. Unfortunately the merchants aren’t always aware they’ve been involved, as someone may have found a weakness in their payment infrastructure and is using to attack banks, or the upstream acquirer has been compromised or they’re sharing a merchant ID with another merchant that’s been compromised.

For some reason many of these merchants are also involved in selling VPS or domain names.

We regularly review these merchants, but unfortunately they have a tendency of being repeat offenders.