Still waiting for a specialist been nearly 24hours

Im still waiting for a specialist to help and i cant close the chat or a new query due to waiting???

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Have you called? I’ve not been waiting that long but called after trying twice I got through the third time. The lady was as helpful as she could be and said to ring back tomorow afternoon if I hadn’t heard anything by then.

Yeah try calling them, the number is on the back of your card, unfortunately there is nothing we can do on this community forum.

No help at all then!

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She gave me information I could not get over the ridiculous live chat. so yes she was as helpful as she could be.


If your initial query had no reply within 24hrs I’d be concerned but at the specialist stage (without knowing the details) I wouldn’t say this is abnormal.

The chat system is one continual feed and you can have concurrent issues on the go. Just ask your next question and someone will respond :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately i do not think that that is true anymore, I asked a question yesterday, and it has baeen escalated to a specialist, however, before I was passed on, the member of staff said:

Just so you’re aware, while you’re in the queue we won’t be able to see any more of your replies but you’re welcome to leave the chat and out team will reach out once they’ve taken a look at your issue.

Thank you for your patience.

I appreciate them telling me but seems if you need to discuss more than one issue at once, you can’t and i’ll be stuck in limbo until the specialists contact me.

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Here is my reply from someone 2 weeks ago.

So it’s either changed very recently or one of the advisors have got it wrong :man_shrugging:

I’ve never heard that you can only have one issue before and it goes against why they created the unified chat system too :confused:

It’s all very odd then isn’t it. My message was from yesterday lunchtime. Would be nice if someone could confirm how it actually works? @simonb are you able to advise on this?

To me it makes sense that they won’t see any other replies, the way chat is handled doesn’t make much sense to me, you should be able to have multiple conversations fro different issues and move between the two. One thread for everything would surely lead to nothing but confusion.

At least if you had multiple chats for different issues, a conversation could be closed after a resolution, and moved to closed tab should you ever need to refer again. Support certainly needs a bit of tlc

Hopefully someone will pop in to clarify soon. It makes zero sense because a specialist can take ages depending on the complexity of the issue, so if you had another urgent enquiry you’d be screwed.

I too preferred the old chat system with separate conversations, especially if the one question at a time thing turns out to be true :scream:

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Hopefully someone will clear it up.

I would’ve thought though that these messages are pretyped options ready to go, so all messages would be the same to everyone in a certain scenario. I.e all specialist referrals will get the same message sent because the operators should click the same button. I could be wrong but i’d be shocked if i am.

Separate conversations just seems logical to me, I would love to know the reasoning and the thought process behind the decision to switch to the current iteration.

I found where someone asked the question in the New Chat announcement topic and here was the answer…

In case you were curious too, it seems that not many people have more than one concurrent issue too:

I understand that, but seems that this may possibly be different if you’re not just talking to a standard COp, i.e if you get referred to a specialist. The fact I got told that they won’t see my messages until i hear from a specialist seems that the situation is definitely different. I don’t need to speak to support a lot, the requests are few and far between so it doesn’t bother me, however, knowing that if I were to require assistance on something else urgently, that message is a little worrying.

@Ordog Still haven’t heard back from the specialist in regard to what i messaged them. I’ve just messaged again so I guess we’ll see if what the previous COp said is true or not.

The message I had yesterday said once it was in the specialist queue they couldn’t see any subsequent replies

Yh that’s what i got.

Which is a serious issue with current waiting times for “Specialists”

Response time from COps to me has always been ok, not commendable, nor worthy of moaning about, however, specialist wait times are something else. Up until this point they have never aggravated me as the issues have never been urgent nor have I had two at once.

This is where the issue lies, I finally require to be able to discuss two issues, but can’t because I’ve been stuck in a specialist queue for 3-4 days with seemingly no end in sight, not sure how this is an acceptable situation.

I don’t want to moan about support but this is a major downfall of the new chat system, one that couldn’t of happened before.

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