Does anyone know what sort of hours / days the specialists work? Currently been waiting for them for over a day my guess Monday-Friday?

This is totally terrible really is, sort of makes me lose a little faith in Monzo! IF this was an. Urgent query this still wouldn’t be solved! Not good whatsoever :triumph:


It depends on which specialist ‘department’ you are being referred to afaik

I’m not sure I wouldn’t know the advisor didn’t tell me just said we’ll raise this to a specialist to look into then I replied and asked the timescales within 1 minute later, no response… must have been to late not too pleased!

What’s been the impact on your life?

Well money has gone missing out of my account, seems like I’ve just got to wait… tried calling no joy this was one of my fears when you need to speak to them urgently it’s just not there :confused: I’ll wait and hope no More goes missing :crossed_fingers:!!


That’s not really the point.


Cool. Have a beer. Pick up the chat on Monday. The money will be perfectly safe.

Oh really? Best leave Monzo then i guess if it’s too bad. Try your luck with s legacy bank on a Saturday night. :+1:

What do you mean by ‘gone missing’?

The balance has just randomly reduced or there are payments you dont recognise?

Could probably get through to most traditional banks on a Saturday night no problem

Your replies are condescending, you don’t know the detail and nor do you know the amount of money missing.

For example if you suddenly had £500 go missing out of your account, I’m sure you’d appreciate someone rocking up and saying have a beer, your money is safe. You can’t know that, as you don’t know why it’s not showing or it’s gone missing.


Seems to have rectified itself but still no contact from Monzo sadly, must have been a glitch? Least I don’t have to worry about it now

I kind of feel like this is a line that is rolled out by people who haven’t ever banked with a legacy bank (or never had a serious issue), and simply repeat what they hear on this forum.

My experience with numerous legacy banks is quite the opposite - If I called them at any time of day or night, someone would be able to help.

It may not get resolved there and then for whatever reason, but I’ve always felt the first line of support with legacy banks have significantly more power to help, than the first line of support at Monzo.

Of course, the old “YMMV” comes into it, but I just don’t understand how people are so chill on Monzo’s response times to any issue, especially the current trend it would appear, of “calling a specialist”.


I do actually agree, last night I was scared and had no one to turn too luckily it somehow rectified itself on its own very strange! But maybe until you need urgent support that’s when you will realise how it’s a bit of a let down, I’ve always taken Monzo’s side but last night was a little to close for comfort truthfully! Am I still going to use Monzo - YES, but I really do think the support situation needs to be resolved, I know if that was a legacy bank like you have said @nickh at least I would be able to speak to someone to reassure me, this wasn’t the case at Monzo and even now still not even a message. Pleas pleas please Monzo sort out your support lines. I haven’t lost faith in you but this does need to be priority as opposed to changing icons on screens - customer service should be number 1 :+1:


Having the same thing. Was referred to a specialist early Friday morning and have heard nothing back and today I check the chat and it says conversation closed. My issue isn’t exactly big either but it’s just a pain dealing with support.


I know someone who has recently been hired by Monzo to work on customer support. They paid for her travel to Cardiff, all her expenses and hotel costs so she could be fast tracked through the training process.

So from what I’ve seen Monzo are doing something about and are investing a lot of time and money to get people trained up as quick as possible.

I guess there’s only so many people that they can train up at a time, so while some are seeing no improvement I’m sure they’ll get back on top of it all soon :crossed_fingers:


They keep adding more COps, they keep adding more customers

They either drop their standards around skills, attitude and training (from what I remember, they’ve increased training of late, not the reverse), find further ways to optimise the chat experience, find further ways to avoid chat use, or restrict customer growth

Not many good choices in there, but heard several times about further work on chat

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Looking at the data will possibly help too. If lots of people are getting in touch about the similar things then they can educate people with a newsletter for example or change something in the app to make it easier/clearer.

The ethical solution here would be to restrict customer growth until they can 1) provide good support to their existing customers who trust them with their money and 2) provide good support to new customers.

Of course, they had a very similar issue over a year ago when they rolled out current accounts to everyone and support was overloaded for an unacceptable period of time, but clearly the people pushing for growth haven’t learned nothing (and probably won’t until they get affected by similar behaviour).

It kinda hurts me to be so critical of a company that I once trusted 100%, but now the reality seems to be that it’s yet another unsustainable startup no clear path to profitability which will probably keep going for a few more years until it implodes with a combination of money running out and disappointed customers due to corner-cutting. Can’t believe I’m saying this about a bank, usually this would be about a BS social media/marketing company.


Like not renewing the advertising campaign that saw their numbers surge?

I think restricting growth will only exacerbate the issue.