Using Monzo in Tenerife

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I’m travelling to Tenerife next month, and wondered if anyone has had any issues using their Monzo card there? Or if they’ve had any positive experiences using their Monzo card out there? I will be taking cash with me as well, and there is a chance I may have to withdraw Euros whilst I’m out there as well.

Not sure if I’ve missed anywhere on here about people using their Monzo cards in Tenerife. :slight_smile:

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I was in Tenerife earlier this month and used Monzo exclusively to pay for everything.

I had no problems whatsoever. ATM worked fine in 2 different locations, and I paid by card both with contactless and chip and pin every day and it was totally fine. It’s just like using it at home.

As ever, just remember to pay in the local currency if you’re ever given the option, and let Monzo do the conversion for you. Do not accept the GBP option. As it’s always more expensive to do so.

Other than that, have a great time! :beach_umbrella:


Awesome, thank you :pray:t2:


Went to Tenerife in Jan 2020. As other posters have said, was absolutely no problem. Was pretty much card only the whole time. Easy peasy :blush:


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Was there a few weeks ago, absolutely no problem using contactless almost everywhere.

Many ATMs charge and some were too thin for the metal card.


Thank you:)

Hot coral galore in Tenerife. The local businesses would be crazy not to accept it.


We own an apartment in Tenerife and are there regularly.

We pay everything (and I mean everything) using our Monzo cards. All taxis will accept Monzo, and almost every bar, supermarket and shop happily accept card payments.

On the rare occasions, we need some of that old-fashioned cash stuff, we have discovered that Banca Marche do not charge for withdrawals at all – just make sure that you withdraw in euros and do not let them apply an exchange rate.

I have moved to using my Monzo card on Apple Pay (I understand Google Pay does much the same). This has the result that I don’t even have to carry the physical card with me all the time. I do have to carry my phone obviously had to keep it secure to avoid the inevitable pickpockets.


Thanks for the advice :grinning:

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Echoing this comment here. There’s a Banca Marche cashpoint in the Tenerife South arrivals hall.

A golden rule - don’t touch Euronet ATMs with somebody else’s bargepole - they charge high fees, and attempt to force a withdrawal in GBP, using their own :poop: :poop: exchange rate.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Was in Tenerife for a couple of weeks in September,used my card all over the island and ATM s no problems at all