Card causing issues

I’ve just started using Monzo, and I aim to move everything to my Monzo account eventually - it will take a while, but I’ll get there - but I did encounter an issue today.

A local premier stores outlet wouldn’t accept the card but contactless worked. To quote, after I inserted the card, “everything went blank”. Tried 3 times, same result.

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That suggests something wrong with their card machines. I don’t know if any reason why monzo cards would do that.


I think I heard something about certain cards not Monzo specific would crash the terminals due to a bug. I think @GalaxyMergirl would remember more about this than me.

I’ve seen terminals crash a lot for various reasons! Were these by any chance Verifone terminals?

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I’m not certain but I’m heading that way again later today so I’ll take a look, thanks.

Thanks. Anecdotally, and I have no statistics to know if it’s true, Verifone terminals have always felt less stable than Ingenico/Pax/Equinox/etc.

That said, ‘everything went blank’ sure sounds like how Ingenico terminals behave when they aren’t happy.

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