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Issue: Hi I can’t seem to so anything on my app. I cannot send money to any account, I cannot order a new card, add card to apple pay. Nothing. I cant seem to do anything that requires verification on the app.

I have tried restarting device, deleting and redownloading app, changed to face verification. I am confused. Cannot seem to get hold of anyone from monzo - why is it so hard to contact them? You cannot contact them through the app either and they don’t answer the phone.

Details to reproduce:
Device: iPhone 13 Pro
App Version: 4.440


You can contact them via the app. Details in my bio.

Type contact monzo into the help section, it’ll give you the option then to click through an article

Have you changed phone’s recently? There should be a prompt at the top of your transaction feed/home page asking you to action something.

If not, chat will be with you as soon as possible :pray:

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Have you recently changed something and need to reverify? Is there a note at the top of your feed?