Problem with account and can’t contact support

The chat option is not working in the app and I’m not able to access my money to transfer it.

How else can I contact someone at Monzo for help?


When I try and contact to support I just get a “There was a problem while searching, please check your internet connection and try again’

I’m connected to the internet ok as I’m using my phone to send this message. I’ve tried on Wi-Fi and 4G and get the same error.

try deleting and reinstalling the app and see if that helps?

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Thank you. Not only has that fixed the chat problem but also the initial problem I had as well.

It has made me think though that if this hadn’t Of fixed the problem with chat what’s the official way to converse with Monzo in this situation?

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telephone number on the back of the card ?

This, or

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I can’t remember the last time I used my card as everything I do is either online or via Apple Pay. I’ll have to dig it out and make a note of the telephone number in case I need it.

Thanks both.


in the help section under contact us