Monzo app doesn’t work, not able to make payments or transfers

What’s happening??? Anyone having similar problems?

Nope, all seems fine

How long has this been happening for you?

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The Monzo status page shows a current issue with Outbound SMS, but this won’t affect payments or transfers.

My app has made several scheduled transfers & payments this morning - do you have internet access?

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Could you elaborate on what the issue and explain any error messages you’re receiving etc.

It’s doesn’t give any specific error message, just says “try later” on transfers and payments I’m trying to make. I’ve re-logged in, doesn’t help. Really annoying…

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Delete and reinstall the app

Are you able to use your card?

Do you have an internet connection?

It’s working for everyone else, so it must be a problem at your end.

No luck.

Yes 100%. All other apps work well.

Do you have any alerts in your feed that might explain why?

If not, it looks like you’re reaching the extent of how much we can help. You’d be best advised contacting Monzo through in app chat so they can look into it in more detail.

Have you frozen your card by accident?

Do you have enough money in the account to make the payments/transfers?

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How do I reach out to a live help agent? There seem to be no option of us in the app… thanks guys.

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Tap on ‘Help’, search for ‘Contact support’, tap on the ‘Contacting support’ item, then half-way down the help article, tap on ‘Chat with us in the app’

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Awesome, thanks!

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Have you completely uninstalled the app and re-installed it? cleared the app data as well?

What Phone? Android/iOS?

You also forgot to answer this question:

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