Sometimes feed items appear with 'clear' instead of 'x'


I’ve noticed this mostly with golden tickets, but often notification items appear in the feed with ‘clear’ button beside them rather than the ‘x’ button. Touching ‘clear’ fails to do anything. The only way I’ve found to get back to ‘x’ is to close the app (with an upswipe) and restart it. Then all items have an ‘x’ button which turns to ‘clear’ when tapped and then clears out when tapped again.

It is intermittent in that I can have two golden ticket notifications, one with ‘x’ beside it another with ‘clear’ beside it.


I find (in iOS) the clear button works fine.

Perhaps you can advise your phone make and model and OS version and screen resolution so Monzo can investigate


ahh good point

iPhone 6s, running 10.3.1

(Bob) #4

I’m running same phone and same IOS version, not noticed this problem. All my notifications have the ‘x’ button, hitting it throws up the ‘clear’ button, hitting ‘clear’ deletes the notification. I can clear the ‘clear’ button by scrolling through transactions. Returning back to that same transaction shows the ‘x’ button again.

Hope that makes sense :smirk:

EDIT: Scrub the phone bit, I just woke up and miss-read. I’m using iPhone 6 plus :confused:


I have the same issue on my 6s Plus. I’m on the TestFlight version of the app and iOS 10.3.1

(Alex Mayo) #6

I too experience this issue. iPhone 7 Plus. 10.3.2 Beta 5

(James) #7

Just experienced this issue too, also on iPhone 6S, iOS 10.3.1


Hey DaveTMG, thanks a lot for this bug report. This has already been fixed and will be in our next release so keep your eyes peeled. Cheers!