Clear Notifications in Feed

I had a notification come up on my feed as I had entered the wrong expiry date when I tried to pay online. I noticed after the latest update that I could clear this notification.

To do this, you just tap the little x on the right of the notification but then you need to tap “clear” afterward. This was rather small and took two or three attempts as I have large fingers.

Would be good if you could swipe to clear (like built-in swipe gestures in Mail/Messages).

Also, maybe quick-actions when you swipe left/right?

Already took it up in this thread with @hugo who gave a really great response. I don’t 100% agree with all of it but that at least puts the decisions in context.

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@MetallicAsh You’d like to know that right on the next release we’ve improved a bit that component so the contrast is better and the active area is slightly bigger so it’s easier to tap :slight_smile:

@RichardR you’re even faster than me, thanks a lot! :heart::heart::heart:

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