Can you *please* fix the clear feed item button on iOS?



Would it be possible to get a once and for all fix for the clear feed item button (the little “x” on the right) ?

It seems that if I try and tap it while the app is refreshing (network activity indicator in the status bar), it completely breaks it, clicking on the button either doesn’t trigger anything, or triggers the animation where the button turns into a larger “clear” button but instantly goes back to an “x” button; which does nothing. Spam-clicking it while it’s still halfway through the animation sometimes works.

Even while I wait for the app to refresh fully before interacting with the button, I have to wait for my first click on the button to take effect (the network activity indicator restarts for a moment while the app is reporting to the backend that I’ve cleared the item) otherwise I get the above behavior again.

Would it be possible to finally get a button that works? I am a bit saddened that despite all the great effort you’ve put into the app, such a simple feature is still broken.

Thanks. :+1:

(Simon B) #2

I’ll report it to product. Thanks for flagging! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jolin) #4

This was also raised 9 days ago, so linking to it here in case the additional data points are useful.

(Zach Hart) #5

Also happens to me, so it looks like it could be a more widespread bug as opposed to an isolated incident…


I’ve noticed this consistently since (at least) October when I brought this up to one of their devs - back then it could actually cause the app to crash so we both figured it would surface in their crash reports and dismissed it, I was hoping they’d fix it based on those but no luck unfortunately. :sob:


While we at that is it possible so we can delete payee on Android. I’m getting a whole page full of people I don’t want to pay anymore or bill payments.
Thank you


Payee list is generated client-side at the moment on both Android and iOS.

I expect that when they roll out a server-side payee list it’ll be available on both platforms.

(Eve) #9

I noticed this for months now, it crashes for me if I go into the app and immediately click the x button. I am admittedly lazy with reporting anything I deem minor in any apps I use so I didn’t bother mentioning it.