Bug with clearing “alert entries “

(CS) #1


When I go to clear temporary alerts like he active card check, the clear alert comes up for a second. The. It spins away on its own. After that, clicking he “x” just makes it spin. I can’t actually clear these! Hard closing the app and trying again allows the clear button come up again however it again quickly disappears on its own. I’m on 11.3 beta 2.


Can you *please* fix the clear feed item button on iOS?
(Jolin) #2

I have the same problem, seemingly randomly. Sometimes it behaves as you describes (just alternates between ‘x’ and ‘clear’, never going away), and sometimes it works properly. I don’t get enough alerts to figure out if there’s a pattern.

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(Jack) #3

I have also seen this issue

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #4

And I, too.


Same issue and it’s been going on for ages. I can’t believe adding a working button on a table view cell is so difficult.