Can't log into the app

(Steven Westgate) #1

I can’t log into my account on the app. I click ‘Log in’ then it sends me the email. I click the link in the email, it asks me for my phone number, I get the verification code and it says ‘something went wrong’.

Details to reproduce:
See above.

iOS 11.4.0

iPhone 6 plus

App Version:
Version 2.5.0


(Andre Borie) #2

Looks like it’s trying to open you a new account - are you sure you’re using the same email as the one you signed up with? Maybe search all your mailboxes for Monzo emails and use the one with previous customer support emails.

(Steven Westgate) #3

Yes I only have one email address and I am using the same number for the last year.

(Ian Lyon) #4

If you’re stuck at the number verification stage then it’s likely you’ve tried to log in using an email address that doesn’t match the one on your account - this is the only way you can get into the new sign up ‘flow’ and be asked to enter your mobile number.

Can you give the team a shout by sending an email to :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jack) #5

Hi @ianlyon is there any plans to make the flow a bit more intelligent regarding if you already have an account and guiding the user to log in instead of sign up?

We see a fair few people get stuck like this here on the forum.

Maybe have one button when you open the app for both. And if the email you put in isn’t registered then it initiates the sign up flow.
If they put a different email in but the mobile number is registered maybe redirect them back to the login screen with a message?

(Ian Lyon) #6


Right now, we’re testing some slight variations of the log in screen to try and determine what best helps people go through the correct ‘flow’ (i.e log in vs sign up).

We’re also working on making it easier to ‘back out’ of the wrong flow - we’re very conscious that getting 1/3 of the way through sign up, getting stuck at the SMS verification screen and having to contact COps to figure out what the issue is, then having to delete/reinstall the app to get back to the first screen just isn’t a great experience :pensive:

At the moment if you attempt to log in using an email address that isn’t registered to a Monzo account, you’ll see the following message:

We think this is pretty clear, but the issue is, it’s only clear if you read it. How many of us are guilty of quickly skimming through alerts and tapping away from them? I know I am :raising_hand_man:

There are a few security implications around confirming whether or not the mobile number you’ve tried to verify is already linked to an account, but ideally, we’ll make things much clearer well before you’d ever reach that point :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jack) #7

Thanks for the quick reply! :slightly_smiling_face: