Someone phished me

I just got fished and someone has my Name, Address and Date of birth?

Is this serious?

Is that all you gave? Are you sure?

You can’t change one of them and are unlikely to change the others because of this.

I’d sign up for Credit Karma and just keep an eye out for anything that isn’t you.

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Yes that’s all I gave just my full address, when I was born and name it was on Facebook so they also have a photo

I’ll sign up to karma now

Can they actually take out a loan in my name?

Just say if they did get a loan in my name, how would I even prove it to want me who did it

How did you get fished?

(it’s actually phished by the way)

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Pretended they was customer service I posted a complaint on the page and a fake Royal Mail messaged me asking for my name and address and dob but I stupidly gave them it

They*'ll need a few more jigsaw pieces before they* can have a go at you through ID theft, so please be extra vigilant for the next 3-6 months. Pro-phishers are patient and build an ID profile over time starting with the basics as you describe have been obtained from you so far. They may even sell your details on.

*:pirate_flag: hate 'em. Do you have an email address for them by chance? I can have some fun with that…


Sadly not a email :sneezing_face: it was through messenger.

So they could perhaps do something in 6 years time? As I’m basically screwed then ain’t I?

How soon does something pop up on a credit file?

I read the post title as “someone finished me” :blush: glad to see this thread is actually safe for work :laughing:


Pervert! My thought when someone says “finish me” is Mortal Kombat!

(I realise it’s finish him)


You’re not screwed. Just be very careful with every personal or financial based interaction with an unknown/unqualified party. There’s not enough info there to, for example, empty your bank account.

But these people are clever. Expect the unexpected and be on your guard all the time.


It’s only perverted if you have a filthy mind, he could have been posting whilst swimming with the fishes…


So theirs something they can do with that information or will they need to acquire more since I’m usally more on top of things I don’t know what made me send it. I’m overdosing on paranoia rn


Technically yes they can get some quick payday loans in your name

Take a deep breath or two. No need for paranoia.

Someone could try and gain access to a service that you use with your details - but you haven’t given that away so far. But they can search publicly available data to match your details with potential services (social media is a nightmare for this - have you posted that you like or use ‘Sky’, ‘Netflix’, ‘Vodafone’, etc anywhere?) Stuff like this can be used in ID theft.

Please just be really, really careful for a while. Your DOB doesn’t change. Your name can be changed (drastic measure though) and your address will (likely) change in the future so it gets less of an issue as time goes on.

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I mean they know I use Royal Mail since that’s the page they pretended to be. Other stuff they might be able to see on my wall
Sadly my address won’t change for another 10 years or so

Is this true?