Possible phishing email?

Hey all,

Anyone else got this email? I’ve sent a message via the Monzo chat but takes quite a while to get a reply… is this a scam or is this legit?


Yes it’s 100% a scam

Same discussion is happening over here: Phishing Scam?

Then my comment that should help you identify future ones:

In addition to this, it’s not an email address that Monzo uses and it has poor grammar.


Ahhh sorry, should have checked the forums a little more thoroughly, apologies.

Thank you for your help though! I thought so, but just thought I’d check :slight_smile:


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Where did they get email addresses of Monzo customers?
My friend received same email. He have 3 email addresses (all in use) and received same email to email linked to Monzo account

They get them from data leaks or purchase them from resellers who sell your details when you fill out forms online.

They send these things on mass so it’s unlikely they know you have a Monzo account. I get similar ones from other banks that I don’t have an account with.

My guess would be they are doing a shot-gun approach and just get lucky with which emails they have.

I occaisonally get emails from “banks” I’ve never banked with asking for the same kind of thing. Easier to ignore as spam when you know it can’t be true.

it’s good to have a separate email address solely use for banking use, been doing that for years now never had any dodgy emails pretending to be from my bank and if any emails i do get from them i still proceed with caution.

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