Frequent Payment asking if Scam

Hi have been paying certain accounts/cards regularly for a while but in recent months it seems to ask if its a scam even though ive been paying for a while.

Any ideas why this is happening?

I do send it anyway and the money turns up just a little concerning it will say that.

There is new regulation regarding payees, all banks will have to do the same.

If you’re paying John Smith and he has his account set as John W Smith, this won’t match and you’ll get the warning.


Ah right so for my credit card id need to have Halifax rather than my name?
You only get sortcode, account number and type.


The ‘recipient name’ you input when doing the transfer needs to match exactly what the person you’re sending money to is named on their account.

If thats the case its just my credit card so my name should suffice?

Unfortunately not. Well, yes, but no.

It’ll be fine to do it, but you’ll have to accept the warning each time (which is annoying).

The way most CC companies work for bank transfer payments is that all payments get paid into one account, and the reference on the payment is used to identify which card it should go against.

So while the card is in your name, the account you’re transferring to is just a legit Halifax owned account instead. :slight_smile:

Ah fair enough will have to give them an edit.