Victim to phishing email

Hi Everyone,

I have been a victim of phishing, in which I have made a purchase and I am unsure in what my options are/what to do.

The email was sent to my student (uni) email address regarding yearbooks, in which my personal and financial details were entered. I have only realised because the uni have sent out a warning email after I made the purchase.

Is there anything I can do?

Thank you,


Hi. Welcome.

Step one, report it as fraud in the app.

I think this guides you through to speak to support, you’ll get a new card and they’ll advise if there’s anything else they can do.


If I understand correctly you visited a dodgy link in which you (thought you were) ordering a yearbook or similar? So is it the card which is compromised? Have you frozen the card in-app?


Also check out the Action Fraud website which will hopefully advise on anything you can do to protect your wider personal info.

I think you can also forward the email to the National Cyber Security Centre who might be able to take down the website.


Further to everyone’s advice so far, I would also recommend:

  • be extra vigilant over any unsolicited contacts of any kind in future, as your details will likely be added to a “targets who’ve fallen for it previously” lists and sold.

  • sign up for access to your credit reports and check them regularly, as you may now be at increased risk of identity theft.



Thank you for this, I have now reported it through the app and I am waiting for a response.

Yes that is correct, it was sent to my student email account and I am close to graduating so the time added up, however the university came out with a statement the other day to state this was not them.

Card has now been frozen and I am working with the fruad team, thank you.


Thank you, I will check that out and see what they can do


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Yes i totally forgot about stuff like that, I will do this asap.

Thank you!

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