Someone can explain me the point of the contact sheet?

(Marco Failoni) #1

I understand your try to gain more users through inviting friends, but the “contacts” sheet seems to me an offense to the usability and the productivity of the app and our experience.
It hasn’t any purpose other than inviting people to join Monzo, which I undestand is a foundamental need for a growing start-up, but it just can’t stay there.
It irritates me, a lot. Find another way to get customers (the idea of the joint account would do the job, i.e.).
The lower bar is a place where we could find pies charts and expense targets in two different sheets, instead of that contacts never-tapped button.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Someone can explain me the point of the contact sheet?

I certainly can :slight_smile:

The Contacts tab is where you’ll see a list of friends (contacts from your phone) who you will want to send money to (if they’re a Monzo user) or request money from, if they’re a Monzo user or if they’re not yet, through the new feature

You’re seeing the option to invite your friends from this tab because it’s probably the place you’ll go to see whether users are signed up to Monzo & if they’re not, you’ll want to invite them in order to send or receive money from them.

I’d recommend checking out the blog, for more details about how Monzo works, as each new feature was announced there.

(James Billingham) #3

It would probably be sensible to show a different view for the empty state where none of your contacts have Mondo. This could explain better what the screen is for.

(Marco Failoni) #4

Makes sense. Thanks.